Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We Don't Need No (more) Regulation.

As the Bush regime stumbles through its death throes, they endeavor to inject ever more regulation into the market (Falk 35).

Now, rather than rant and rave about how the free market needs to be free in order to be, well, a free market, and therefore needs less government meddling, and more of a legal framework that protects competition rather than stifling it, I just want to say this:

Government meddling has got us right where we find ourselves today: broke and stuck in a war, among other horrible things. It's not a matter of some wicked republican doing wicked things at some point, nay, it is statist domestic policy that has granted the central power so much power over the passed 60+ years that they freely manipulate our economy on top of marching into war when it suits them.

These are FACTS.

In order to have a free society with free markets, free minds, and open borders, a nation cannot have an interventionist foreign policy based on nation building and policing the world. If it adopts this sort of policy, one can safely assume that the central power has the same kind of control in it's homeland. In order for a planned, domestic, social framework to exist, the people must give up some freedoms. They start small, and end big. Always. Over time, the people find themselves with ever shrinking civil liberties.

Basically, what I'm trying to say in that empires suck because they try, and fail, to control everything. A free society means a redistribution of power and wealth, and the status quo will always resist such a redistribution.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Mccain all represent this same domestic trend. They will dress it up differently, with different rhetoric, but it is all the same movement: central, absolute, societal planning. They all vie for a global government, which again can only exist by amassing massive amounts of power to a small body who, guaranteed, will abuse it.

Sorry folks, it's in our nature to abuse large amounts of power. That's why it needs to be spread out. It's a lot easier to fight that way.

At the end of the day, it's not just about ever more regulation of the economy. It is about the further regulation, and eventual elimination of, freedom. It is about big business and big government merging together into a one world government. Sounds sci-fi and such, I know, but again, it's the observed trend.

And it stinks like cat's breath.


PS-If further regulation means legalizing and protecting competition thereby fostering fertile soil for a redistribution of wealth through freer access to the marketplace due to the elimination of corporate welfare, well, that's cool with me. Regulate away!

Work Cited:

Falk, William, et al, eds. "The Return of Regulation." The Week. 4 April 2008: 35.


S said...

Trav you have officially jumped the shark. I'm mean are you insane? Bush and and other Reagan-ites have done nothing BUT slash regulation for decades, which is why we're in the financial situation we are (read up on the similarities between this 'free market' mess, and the one that caused the Great Depression). You have no idea what you're talking about.
You've gone WAY too crazy with this libertarian crap. You NEED to expose yourself to other sources, other schools of thought, when you only expose yourself to one form of what is essentially propaganda, then you lose all perspective (expose yourself to other ideas from actual experts, read Robbie Batra, read Tom Hartman, read Paul Krugman, read a history book). If you're going to post about economics, you have to know what you're talking about, you can't just spout such one sided stuff, economics is not so simple, and your facts are dead wrong. I'd gladly lone you some of my books, if you promise to stop drowning your self in libertarian/corportist craziness for just a few weeks. Please

TL said...

I'm not trying to play economist. What I am commenting on specifically is where our domestic and foreign policy have brought us to in the present.

We keep talking of bigger and bigger government in order to fix all of the wrongs our bigger and bigger government has created.

You talk of history? I'm sorry to tell you this, man, but the foreign and domestic policies of the last 60 years have brought us exactly where we are now.

It is the work of big government democrats and republicans that finds us in the muck of war and excessive debt.

Is it liberatrian kookiness that says spending well beyond the nation's means results in an unstable economy? If common sense is kooky, then I'll take kooky all day long.

You don't need to be an economist to see that dramatic over-spending results in economic instability.

This system of government that has been in existence since well BEFORE Reagan, my friend, and will likely continue until it crashes completely due to the fact that most voters (and even you a bit) still believe that central planning can work long term. It can't. It doesn't.

AMEN said...

i think you stink like cat breath, and if you want to argue about it, call in to my radio show, monday night, 9:00 p.m. your time. www.blogtalkradio.com/RABBLE

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