Friday, June 11, 2010

Agorism and the Irrelevance of Cops

With economic downturn we can always expect crime to rise, which is accompanied by increased police violence. Combine the downturn with oppressive laws against non-violent behavior, and the result is even more oppression from the police organization. The laws are oppressive, cops apply said laws in violent and often DEADLY manners, therefore the police organization is a violent and oppressive one. It is also monopoly.

So let's sum up:

The police are a violent, oppressive monopoly.

WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?! (I assume you have just shouted this after reading my badass Lost-style reveal that ends up being really obvious and mostly just makes you feel retarded.)

So, it follows that if someone wears the uniform of this organization (no YMCA jokes, please) then it follows that they are members of a violent, oppressive monopoly. As such, they are to be mistrusted, avoided, alienated, and for some folks, FOUGHT.

Now here's my pickle. Not my penis, but pickle, like a problem that is sour and crunchy, and a giant stork is taking a bite out of it and grinning at you, and you have NO idea what to do next. That's what I mean by pickle. NOT my penis. So stop asking me about my penis. Thanks.

So here's my pickle: I'm an individualist, as such I am in the weird position of considering cops as individuals when I meet them in society, which in my case is in food service. There are a couple cops in particular that I like. One seems mellow and laid back, the other seems stern but fair. I know a LOT of people that fit these bills. But these dudes are ALSO members of the aforementioned organization. The violent oppressive one. That's bad. A fucked up conundrum.

Agorism offers a compelling answer to this dilemma. The main issue is that there is demand for security. The illusion is that the police are the solution to that demand. That's partly true, it is A solution, and is a really really really really bad one. Agorism looks to create the new within the shell of the old through counter-economics. Counter-economic activity is decentralized and bottom up trading occurring amongst individuals. This activity, even when unrealized, withdraws support from the power structure, thereby weakening it. Realized, it creates the effects of a mass movement without actually needing a mass movement. In short, agorism offers a viable way to compete with the police institution, and innovating to the point of rendering it obsolete. Engaging in true freed market activity is fertile ground for rapid social and industrial innovation.

For the practical reader I offer a few agorist options:

1. For the Randian survivalist: Buy some guns, dogs, and alarms. Good luck.

2. Trade amongst people you trust. Do you know someone who can work on an engine? Do you know a naturopath? A permaculturalist? A farmer? Working to create these networks of trade lay the groundwork for collective security via voluntary cooperation and mutual aid.

3. Abolish money (as we know it). Try and find any and all reasons to use cash, or better yet: nothing. Trading for free undercuts this fucked market by 100%. Fiat money is FUNDAMENTAL to the oppressive and violent institutions of civilization.

The agorist solution is to withdraw support and build voluntary relationships with those you trust. To answer the demands of communities through decentralized trading and mutual aid.

So be sure to commit an agorist act this week, and begin building the free society NOW in your own life. A society in which the "good" cops find a real place in community security, and the bad cops are held FULLY accountable for their crimes.


L. Reichard White said...

You can find a small experiment in grassroots protection services here:

L. Reichard White, How to Energize Your Grassroots by Ignoring Your Ceremonial Leaders: A Case Study

PlanetaryJim said...

There's nothing I have against individual, particular cops, except what they choose to do for a living, the fact that they are expected (and often willing) to enforce unjust laws, the fact that every pay packet they receive has stolen money in it, the fact that they are often brutal, violent, oppressive, rude, or know other people in the police force who are. So, you know, just a few things.

There is nothing wrong with a particular individual pig that could not be fully resolved by him quitting his job. Easy. Go find ethical work. I don't want pigs providing security services. kthx

With regard to money, there is nothing wrong with barter. Barter is great, often takes place "off the books" and can be a great way to decentralise, get underground, reduce your footprint "on the grid" where you are taxed, prohibited, regulated, or beaten to death by aforementioned pigs.

One of the ways to move large amounts of goods is to use commodity money. You don't have to use the state's paper nothings. You can use gold, silver, platinum, pot, coke, food. All kinds of things are effective as money because they are divisible, durable, convenient, consistent, and have value even when you aren't using them as a medium of exchange or store of value. And if you use something like grams of gold as a unit of account, you can keep your books in a fashion that makes no sense to the fascists who want to seize your records.

Also, there are a whole bunch of alternative currencies on the web, including many that don't involve state or national currencies at all. There are new technologies for exchange, like Loom. There are all kinds of technologies for encryption. We currently have a growing sector of the economy where transactions are completely private.

By completely private, I mean undetectable. That means that the state cannot ever come to be aware that these transactions ever happened. So they cannot regulate those transactions, prohibit them, nor tax them.

As this part of the economy, the underground, the agorist, the free individuals trading amongst themselves, the off the books part, the undetectable part, as it grows and thrives, it attracts more and more users. Because who really wants to pay some confiscatory taxes to the losers in government who have screwed up the economy, failed to apply their rules to big biz like BP, etc., etc. ?

The end result is that the state withers and dies. And then all the pigs, bureau-rats, and politicians can find out if they have useful job skills. You know, like patience, ditch digging, weed pulling.