Monday, June 23, 2008

Political Irresponsibility and You!

For the anarcho-capitalist voting is kind of stupid. Democracy in the context of a coercive state is moot. When we vote, we are merely proceeding with the logic that we must work to get a much NICER person to point the gun at us.

Again, it's stupid.

But, I say one can participate in the system, and yet continue to exist within the philosophical framework of anarcho-capitalism.

1. Never vote politically, it is coercive in nature. For the anarchist, everything we do must be with the intent of advancing the ethics of liberty. Voting philosophically means voting for people who don't win elections. And that's ok. The Ron Paul movement was never about winning, it was about ideas. Occasionally, we have the opportunity to give statistical credence to the idea of liberty, and while those folks who run don't win elections (again, not the point anyway), they allow us to advance a philosophical framework within the context of the state machine. And while I disagree with RP and others on certain details of their platform (they are minarchists, I am not), I started down this philosophical road because of the idea of the minimal state, therefore the possibility exists for others to do the same when we influence the state against itself to advance the philosophy of liberty.

2. Not voting is voting! Yay! Seriously, it is. When you opt out of the state machine you are making a powerful statement. Now, many will tell you how irresponsible it is for you to not vote (although, if we employ the method of #1, then usually we'll end up voting for what statists see as "spoilers," and they will call us irresponsible then too). Opting out of the system brings it ever more to the public awareness that there are many in the population who see the state as nothing but a leviathan of bureaucracy, and therefore ultimately ineffective against social ills. This, coupled with all the state's wars that are so costly morally and economically, drive many to oppose the whole mess by opting out completely. If nobody shows up to vote, then how can elections be won? This, again, is influencing the state (albeit ironically) against itself.

3. Volunteer, Bond-style! If there is actually a person running for public office that you can mostly get behind, then volunteer and take every opportunity to spout your enlightened philosophy at the candidate. Maybe they'll get pissed and fire you, that'd be awesome. Maybe they'll bend their ears to you and start talking about some of those things in the public. Again, any anarchist activity within the state machine must always be about the advancement of philosophy, and never about legislation. Granted, if the state is dismantling in a healthy manner, then "legislation" would likely be created to foster that. Nobody ever said that it'd be easy to create a free society from one that is utterly possessed by the state. Plus, you must never get paid because taking a salary from taxes collected by violence is morally wrong, and you want to be sure to tell this everyday to the candidate you work under. They should not be getting paid through violence. They should work for free. They'll probably be STOKED at the suggestion! It's a weird dance, I know, but the whole point is not to use the state for more coercion, it's to influence the state against itself in order to bring about its peaceful dismantling.

Ok, I'll be honest with myself. None of the above is pretty, and is likely wrought with ethical dilemmas. But cut me some fucking slack, the state is a wicked, slathering, growling, hairy, stinky beast.

In short, it's dirty. Like wet dog dirty. And any peaceful methodology we employ will also have flaws and issues. Let's face it, if the free society is coming, it'll be here in about 100 years if we start right NOW. My good friend Frank said that right now we are laying the groundwork for the development of the future free society, and perhaps we are. Maybe history will look back and find my blog and its two subscribers (one of which is my main Detractor), and say, "Whoa! This is old-school!"

But really, I take solace in the fact that the state doesn't have my mind anymore, and there are more freed minds to come.

The Beez

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