Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm Not Bashing Obama

Lately I've had friends ask me why I don't like Obama. I don't personally dislike Obama. In fact, arguably he is a better president in 48hrs than 8yrs of Bush.

I AM, however, bashing the State. It is an evil organization filled with murderers and thieves, of which Obama has shown he is in his first couple of weeks as president: massive corporate welfare, and the murder of Pakistani people.

This is in keeping with with the type of actions of his predecessors.

It is not the new president, it is the organization that he is now head of. Until we realize that the root of the corruption lies in the nature of the state as a violent, criminal organization, we will continue to rape and pillage ourselves and the rest of the world.

Take the red pill.

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Adamo said...

This is very close to how I feel, but it's hard telling my Obama-supporting roommates that. I'll keep trying (until the move to NH in a couple years)