Friday, February 27, 2009

Hate the State: It's Good for You!

Every day there is more news on new spending by the State. Obama is seeking over 200 billion more dollars for the war machine. He has just unveiled his trillion dollar budget. After the State "withdraws" from Iraq, there will still be 50,000 troops there...INDEFINITELY.

Now, I don't mean to be a DOWNER, but it's time to talk some serious shit about the State, its nature, and our part in perpetuating it.

The State functions by means of coercion in all that it does. In other words, the means to whatever ends those in government aim, no matter how well intentioned, are accomplished through threat of violence. If we do not pay taxes, we go to jail, and if we try and escape, we'll be shot. There is another type of organization that generates revenue through the threat of and/or initiation of force: the fucking MOB.

If there is any doubt about this fact, then I ask you: why do you voluntarily give the State your money to fund its foreign adventures of war and murder? Maybe you DON'T pay them voluntarily, eh?

The new president, the man so many have hope in, is going to continue occupying Iraq, and send more soldiers to Afghanistan. Where are the protests? Where is the anger?

All this time, it has not been about a moral stance against war, but about opposing a Republican.

And even though we have our first black President and Democrats control the state, corporate welfare and war persist with gusto. The social progress of many voters has simply been exploited by the state. This is evidenced by its core behavior.

In short, the State is a criminal organization which wages murder and corruption domestically and internationally, functioning always this way despite what group controls it. Policy and rhetoric changes here and there are ultimately irrelevant.

Violence is the State's NATURE. It is inherently corrupt.

Yet we perpetuate it.

We as people naturally desire to have things within our society improved. This is natural as we are social animals that wish to survive, and therefore, in many respects, cooperate with one another. Those in the State, and those who support it, claim that the organization is what manifests when people cooperate in the larger social climate. While this claim bears truth, it also secretly inserts a lie, namely, that the State, and better yet, democracy, is the best we can do. That we need not aspire to better alternatives.

The truth is we do not need violence for bridges and roads. We do not need violence to have schools. We do not need violence to have health care. That is the core fallacy of the State: violence against one another is necessary in order to have goods and services.

I've heard it argued that more people have become involved in politics, and that this is good. How can ever more people joining a murderous organization be good? Keep in mind, I like Ron Paul, Peter Defazzio, Dennis Kucinitch (even though he is so fucking weird), and Ralph Nader. And I know there are many other politicians like them.

Hold your breath.



IT DOESN'T MATTER! Politicians with integrity (oxymoron?) get nowhere. Clipping at the leaves of corruption is nothing to hacking at the root (thank-you Thoreau).

The State is that which is the very worst about humanity. It is our most vile by-product.

The remedy?

Stop voting, donate to charity, volunteer with private charity organizations, and look for every moment of your life that is untouched by the State and EXPLOIT it.

Maximize freedom, eliminate the State.

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Adamo said...

"Stop voting, donate to charity, volunteer with private charity organizations, and look for every moment of your life that is untouched by the State and EXPLOIT it."
Excellent - this is the direction my life is going