Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Want My Two Dollars! Why Taking Back the AIG Bonuses is Meaningless

Democrats are ENRAGED!

No, wait...they are LIVID!

AIG took billions in corporate welfare and the Dem's are feigning rage over the the shocking revelation that a bunch of people got filthy stinking richer off the backs of the people.

How sweet.

On paper, it sounds practical. We gave them money to help get out of our oncoming depression, they misused some, and we want it back. The fallacy, of course, is that

A.) The State "bought" most of the company by devaluing the dollar even more through the artificial creation of said funds to "buy" said company.

B.) If you give 200,000 dollars to the mob and they use 5,000 of it for a watch, and you demand that 5,000 back, ultimately the act is meaningless because you have barely scratched the surface of the dough you dished out.

You see, the only reason the Dem's are "livid" is because the people never wanted these bailouts in the first place. So, of course they'll play like they are going to protect our money from evil capitalists. But it is all a scam. A joke. A charade.

Be advised:

Of the BILLIONS given to AIG, grabbing 170,000,000 back is meaningless because we the people won't see it, and it isn't real money anyways, as the State just prints it off, borrows it, or taxes the people further. That "money" will be juggled around in the innards of the State, and AIG and others will continue to prosper greatly from the actions of the politicians in Washington.

Basically, you are being ripped off and the politicians make you think they are fighting for you when all they are doing is fucking with you so you'll stay quiet and go back to sleep.

They grow in power, and their friends grow very rich.

Think of the red pill as a philosophical no-doze.

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