Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BP, Free-Market Environmentalism, and Rothbard's Stupid Wrongness

That's a long fucking title. And not really witty. I was going use the word "immense" instead of "stupid," but I felt the title needed wit. Didn't really work. Shit.

I'm going to go ahead and outline simple things. I hate boring, complicated shit. So thank GAWD I don't have to write any. HA!

1. In a free market (and I'm talking an authentic free market. What's that? GOOD QUESTION! A freed and open market (the agora) is the sum total of all voluntary market transactions. Basically, I only trade shit with you if I want to, and vice-versa (Judge Reinhold ftw!). All people have private property rights, which begins with self-ownership, and have no right to violate the private property rights of any other person. Immigration prohibition is not compatible with a free market. Fiat money is not compatible with a free market. CIVILIZATION is not compatible with a free market. Think we have a free market? FUCK NO PLAYA! A free market is inherently localized and networked. It represents a both/and paradigm.) a company like BP would be unlikely to exist in the first damn place.

2. Free Market environmentalism is real, don't be a dick. Look, now that you know what a free market (agora) actually is (you're welcome), the two concepts can actually merge nicely. Since we own ourselves, if our air/water is poisoned by other assholes, our private property rights have been violated, and we have the right to seek restitution (there are a variety of dispute resolution systems that could be discussed, but fuck that shit for right now, I'm keeping it SIMPLE remember?). Since full responsibility and accountability are fundamental to a freed market, there are sizable socio-economic disincentives to poison and destroy ecosystems. How would companies behave if there were no state guards funded by fiat currency to protect them? Real private property rights insure that sustainable activity is the norm. Nobody washes a rental car, nor do they shit where they sleep. Unless they are someone who shits the bed because of glands or something.

3. Murray Rothbard is the reason I became an anarchist. He rules, basically. But DAMN was he fucking WRONG about ecological importance. Basically, he claimed that destruction of animal life had no relevance to human life. Claiming that the destruction of animal life has no relevance to human life is not just selfish, but fucking sociopathic (not an uncommon trait in our culture). It is that disregard that helps lay the groundwork for oppressive institutions. You can a learn lot about a person based on how he/she treats animals. Norman Bates beat mice with hammers. I'm just sayin'. Now, it may seem strange to call my main man a sociopath, but I'm a member of this culture too, and when someone I admire so much says some seriously fucked up shit, it reminds me of how sick we really are.

So there you have it. The reason for my rad title. Basically, in a free market the planet matters, so support local farms, co-ops, and all that hippie shit, because market forces are powerful enough to help us all live in a balanced way ecologically, and even move beyond civilization.


Mike Gogulski said...

Yikes. I've seen some fairly reactionary late-Murray stuff, but this really takes the cake. Yay, Exxon! Die, miserable sea birds! WTF?

G20 Sided Die said...

I know, huh, lol. He got a lot more conservative in his later years, as I understand.

chris lempa said...

Worse is Rockwell's apologist nonsense for BP. Even worse is that it was run on which is supposed to be a scholarly outfit.