Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Power Cube Cometh!

While it sounds like some new awesomeness from Nintendo, in fact the power cube is a fucking sweet little contraption. It demonstrates the power of human ingenuity and adaption. It ALSO demonstrates the possibility of beginning to live post-civ right now.

I suck at describing machinery and shit. But from what I understand, this thing is a homemade energy generator that will soon run on steam. Give it a peep here.

I've lately been on this kick about the concept of resilient communities and why they are so important. Over at Global Guerrillas the talk is over the concept of localizing production and virtualizing everything else.

I couldn't agree more. We have the potential to bring the information age into convergence with decentralized communities, thus allowing us to live locally but stay connected with a larger community, sharing information on how we are living locally, what we are doing to innovate responsibly.

Resilient communities aren't just a back-up plan, they are the answer. The power cube shows human ingenuity done responsibly, and shows how widely we can instantly share the information on creating local technologies.

This represents real potential of providing a global, decentralized infrastructure.

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